I am a fine art and documentary photojournalist and writer, based in Miami, Florida with a passion for chasing light for storytelling images in an unscripted and unpredictable world.
Beginning as a true photojournalist, I later served in managerial roles in international corporations, but I returned to photography to regain my creative soul.
My FORMULA 1 collection presents my original work, traveling the Formula 1 circuit in the 1970s-80s, documenting the sport and its iconic racing drivers on black and white film, searching for “decisive moments” as my hero, Henri Cartier-Bresson so often said. I deliberately disappeared into the background as a “fly on the wall,” capturing the intensity, melancholy and heroism with a distinctly different point of view that now appears more contemporary as the years pass.

My unique visual approach fortunately resulted in my FORMULA 1 collection being featured in dozens of magazines, limited-edition print offerings, an upcoming memoir and part of many private and corporate collections of the sport's most significant images.

The clarity and emotion of these images and all the diverse projects during my following career are tied together with my signature visual stamp; reducing the subject down to its most essential and emotional qualities.

I returned to photography because my soul needed to slow down and appreciate the journey. I’ve found my new images tend to celebrate that noting is finished, perfect, or permanent. Rather, imperfections and wear are records of the natural pace of our lives and the wear and freedom that comes with it. The abstract expressionism I discovered became the reward for the return to watching instead of anticipating.

Today, my visual approach has matured to include unbounded curiosity and experimentation. While I continue to travel the world producing documentary images, I also have rediscovered my creative expression by capturing found abstracts. I search for bold images revealed through light, form or composition and then simplify the details to reveal the essential structure that communicates new secrets and interpretations each time the image is viewed.

The PALM BLU collection celebrates both familiarity and surprise. Throughout my travels, I treat the common palm shape and its flowing surfaces as graphic elements, altered with framing, light and subtle color manipulation to become large scale graphic abstracts that suggest unrelenting heat, blinding sunlight or a cool evening breeze. I blend shadows and brilliant highlights to transform the bland into the seductive, the simple into complexity, and the familiar into the mystical.

HEAT and TRAVELER share space with PALM BLU, reprising my long-term Traveler project, but this time with dense shadows and infrared light emphasising my style of reducing subjects down to their essential qualities for large bold statement pieces.

Both my ABSTRACTS and FROM THE STREET collections reveal the grandeur and wonder of simple found art. Over the years, I have become obsessed with searching cities worldwide for graphic painterly abstracts formed by chance, the elements or human interaction, but never by intent. The found image might be the glowing patina of faded plaster, or cracked stone transformed into a surreal pictorial, or even singular abstracts of communication existing until another human’s hand contributes the next random layer.

My TRAVEL collection combines the joy of discovering what lies over the horizon with stand alone images and found abstracts that fit my visual stamp.

The MOTORSPORTS collections present my contemporary motorsports portraiture and event coverage, along with documentary and reportage. I have also returned to my beloved black and white to utilize the medium’s continuing ability of reveal the essence of a subject’s heart and soul, from the circuits of F1, F3 and World Endurance Championship.

My AUTOMOTIVE collection features images from several points of view and usage, but always narrowed with the intent of revealing the essence of the subject.

Thank you for taking a moment to explore my continuing love affair with chasing light and creating visual statements that tell a story.

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